A Ganguli received his B.Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi in 1973, and Ph.D. degree in 1978 from IISc Bangalore for his doctoral work on “Laser Plasma Interactionâ€┬Ł. He joined the Centre for Energy Studies in 1978.

Professor Ganguli is a member of the Plasma Laboratory, a joint activity of the CES and the Physics Department, where he is engaged in research on interaction of high power electromagnetic waves with plasmas and on the development of microwave and rf based Plasma Sources. In particular, the laboratory has developed the Compact ECR Plasma Source (CEPS) for producing high-density plasmas. Using multiple CEPS the laboratory has also built a very Large Volume Plasma System, for plasma processing applications in Industry. The rf based plasma sources being investigated by the group are the Helicon Wave plasma sources and High-Pressure / Atmospheric Pressure plasma sources 

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