Realizing the need for education and research in the field of energy, the Government of India established a national Centre for Energy Studies (CES) at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in the year 1976. Research and development activities on various relevant aspects of conventional as well as non-conventional energy sources were initiated and suitable infrastructure established in its formative years. In response to the demand from industrial and other organizations for trained manpower in the interdisciplinary field of energy, a regular M.Tech. programme in Energy Studies has been offered at the CES since 1981. In order to accommodate the requests of many organizations for offering an M. Tech. course in the field of energy outside the normal working hours, an evening part time programme was started in 1989 which was subsequently revised to an M.Tech. programme in Energy and Environment Management in 1998. To further expanding the scope and depth of academic and research activities being undertaken by the 45-year-old Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi established a new 'Department of Energy Science and Engineering' in 2021. The B. Tech. programme in Energy Engineering is designed to equip the students with the essential knowledge and skills to take up the energy sector challenges and provide solutions to the problems towards achieving sustainable energy, which is accessible, available, and affordable. Energy is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Energy is in a critical transition from conventional to clean and renewable energy resulting in ample placement opportunities in energy sectors.” Students, who are passionate about taking up career in energy sector, may explore to join the new B. Tech. in Energy Engineering programme being offered by DESE, IIT Delhi.

The vision for the Department of Energy Science and Engineering (DESE) is to be a global leader in interdisciplinary energy research, education, and the dissemination of knowledge relevant to the resolution of addressing national and international energy and sustainability challenges via the implementation of the rapidly evolving energy management standards with the following attributes;

1. Leading and providing state-of-the-art education and research environment

2. Setting training standards that comply with local and international frameworks

3. Maintaining our position as the preferred knowledge network for industry and commerce in energy innovation and technology

We want to create a world powered by clean and green energy. The specific goals of the department are to create skilled-manpower to enable our aim to support a carbon-free economy by delivering safe, clean, reliable, and competitive energy. As Indian’s oldest academic entity in energy, we continue to contribute to its evolution and growth, creating a better environment for the future of our planet and the generations to come. The department also focuses on the new and out-of-box Technologies that can help meet challenges faced by society and mankind at large.


Room No. 235, Block-5
Head Office
Department of Energy Science and Engineering
IIT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi,110016