Bachelor of Technology

The Department has initiated a new B. Tech program in Energy Engineering from 2021 onwards with initial annual intake of 40 students . The primary goal of the B. Tech. Program in Energy Engineering is to provide students with engineering skills and foundational knowledge needed to excel as leaders in the modern-day energy industry. The students of the program, on successful complication, are expected to acquire a variety of highly relevant knowledge and skills that include assessment and characterization of various energy resources, design and development of various energy technologies and systems, selection of appropriate technologies amongst different alternatives and contribution towards the transition to a low carbon economy. Energy engineering being interdisciplinary by virtue is a broad discipline. The Department has chosen to offer a wide-spectrum of energy technologies.

Energy engineering being interdisciplinary by virtue is a broad discisipline. The Department has chosen to offer a wide-spectrum of energy technologies. The specific areas include but are not limited to the following, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy systems, Nuclear energy, Plasma Science and Technology, Oil and Gas, Wind and large-small-hydro, Bio-energy, solar photovoltaic, Modelling and simulations, Energy policy and management, power engineering, combustion engineering and alternative fuels, energy storage, etc. The specific goals of this programme are to create skilled-manpower to enable our aim to support a carbon-free economy by delivering safe, clean, reliable, sustainable and competitive energy.

Salient Features of the Program

(a) Opportunity to learn about both Renewable and Non-renewable Energy sources
(b) Emphasis on Building Conceptual Clarity, Methamatical rigor and Hands-on Training
(c) Developing Multidisciplinary Capabilities
(d) Holistic Approach to make understand Energy-Environment Interactions
(e) In-depth coverage of Design development and appraised of Energy Projects
(f) Focus on Technology Development through involvement in Research Projects
(g) Offers excellent alignment with growing demands on Industries
(h) Facilitation to pursue Enterpreneurship and product Development

Program Credit Structure

Detailed Course Structure

For further details on B. Tech programme in Energy Engineering, course contents, semester-wise schedule of courses, request to go through the full document Course Curriculum

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