Bibhuti Bhusan Sahu [Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)]


Dr. Sahu received his master degree in Physics from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar in 1999, and completed his Ph.D. from Plasma Lab at IIT Delhi in 2008 on Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Helicon Wave Plasmas in Conducting Waveguide. After his doctoral work, he worked in the Plasma Lab as a project scientist and an academic position at Dronacharya College of Engineering (DCE), Gurgaon. In October 2012, he joined in KSTAR tokamak facility at National Fusion Research Institute (NFRI) Korea and worked in the area of the RF Heating and Current Drive as a postdoctoral researcher. Then, he joined at Center for Advanced Plasma Surface Technology (CAPST) at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) South Korea for the work relevant to the physics of plasma sources and plasma applications in material science and nanotechnology. Later, he moved to Nagoya University, Japan, and he worked as a Designated Professor at Center for Low-Temperature Plasma Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering. There he worked in the areas of plasma sources, plasma diagnostics, and plasma applications in thin film etching. In November 2020, he joined the Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi as an Associate Professor.

Research Interests :

His research interests include study on plasma sources and their suitable applications, plasma based synthesis of advanced functional materials for different applications, and atmospheric plasma applications.

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