Academics Programmes

The inter-disciplinary nature of energy implies that several verticals would need to be addressed simultaneously. Currently, Department of Energy Science and Technology has faculties who are undertaking R&D activities in the following verticals: :

1. Solar Photovoltaic Devices 2. Solar Thermal Energy Systems 3. Plasma Science & Technology 4. Electrical Power and Renewable Energy Systems 5. Energy Storage 6. Wind and Hydro Energy 7. Engines and Unconventional Fuels 8. Energy System Simulation 9. Bioenergy

The Department offers the following programmes:

(a) Undergraduate Program
The Department has initiated a new B. Tech program in Energy Engineering from 2021 onwards. Energy engineering being interdisciplinary by virtue is a broad discipline. The Department has chosen to offer a wide-spectrum of energy technologies. The specific areas include but are not limited to the following, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy systems, Nuclear energy, Plasma Science and Technology, Oil and Gas, Wind and large-small-hydro, Bio-energy, solar photovoltaic, Modelling and simulations, Energy policy and management, power engineering, combustion engineering and alternative fuels, energy storage, etc. The specific goals of this programme are to create skilled-manpower to enable our aim to support a carbon-free economy by delivering safe, clean, reliable, sustainable and competitive energy.:

(b) Interdisciplinary post-graduate programmes, leading to the award of M.Tech degree.
M.Tech. in Energy Studies - Full time Morning programme for engineering graduates and science postgraduates.
M.Tech. in Energy and Environment Management - Part time Evening programme. It is open to persons employed in public/private sector organizations, Research and Development Establishments (Deferred).

(c) Master of Science (Research)
The Department has initiated a new MS (Research) program from 2021 onwards. This program is designed to promote research based engineering among the studetns.

(d) Ph. D. Programme
The Centre offers opportunities for Ph. D. programme in exciting areas of Renewable Energy, Internal Combustion Engines, Alternative Fuels, Emission Control, Electrical Energy Systems, Wind and Small Hydro Energy Systems, Heat and Mass Transfer, Solar Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Solar Thermal Utilization, Solar Photovoltaic, Thin Film Technology, Energy and Environment, Energy Policy and Planning, Energy Economics, Fuel Technology, Solid Waste Interaction Management, Coal De-ashing, Combustion/ Incineration, Waste Effluent Treatment, MHD, ESP, Plasma Science and Technology. The total number of Ph. D. seats in the Centre is 84 on full-time and part-time basis.

(e) Short Term Training
The centre also conducts continuing education programmes of short duration in subjects such as energy conservation, energy-environment interaction, renewable energy, clean power generation, instrumentation, etc.

M. Tech. Thesis/Report Writing Template