Vamsi K Komarala [Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)]


Vamsi Krishna is currently Associate Professor in Centre for Energy Studies. He received M. Sc. Degree in Physics from Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati in 1996, M. Tech. Degree in Energy Science & Technology from Jadavpur University Kolkata in 1999, and a Ph. D. from IIT Delhi in 2004 for his thesis work on “Spray deposited CdTe thin films for Photovoltaic Applications”. He has 6 years of post-doctoral research experience on optical properties of semiconductor and metal nanostructures. Initially, he worked in School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland from 2004 to 2007, on the topics of quantum dot excitons and metal surface plasmons interaction, nonradiaitve energy transfer between the quantum dots, and quantum dots interaction with polymers. Then, he moved to Department of Physics, University of Arkansas USA as a research associate, and continued his studies on optical properties of nanostructures from 2007 to 2010. He has published 15 peer-reviewed research articles in international journals, and presented his work at 7 international conferences.

His present research interests, application of nano-science & nano-photonics for enhancingthe solar cell efficiency, like applying metal nanostructures surface plasmons for enhancingabsorption process in cell to increase the baseline efficiency of solar cells.

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