GUPTA, Shailendra Kumar [Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur)]


Dr. Shailendra Kumar Gupta received his Master in science (M.Sc.) in Physics (electronics) from C.C.S. University, Meerut in 2007, M.Tech. in Material Science Programme from IIT Kanpur in 2009 and Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur in 2016. His thesis work is entitled as “Fabrication and characterization of inverted organic solar cells and their degradation analysis” under Prof. Ashish Garg. He joined as National Post-Doctoral Fellow at Center for Energy Studies under the mentorship of Dr. Sandeep Pathak at IIT Delhi since December 2017. He has published 8 peer-reviewed research papers in international journals.

Research Interests :

 Electronic materials, Thin film solar cell, Thin film growth, Device fabrication and modeling