The Centre has done pioneering work on solar thermal technologies. Design of solar hot water systems, dryers, space heating / cooling system is performed by using state-of-art computer software.

Some of the contributions of the solar-thermal energy group are listed below.

  • * Methods and tools to facilitate design and detailed optical performance evaluation of a large variety of linear solar concentrators have been developed.
  • * An improved technique to compute heat loss in flat plate solar collectors, linear concentrators, solar stills (including output of solar stills) has been developed. The method provides results very close to numerical solutions and thus eliminates the need for numerical solutions. It replaces the internationally well established empirical equations. It provides proper interpretation of test results.
  • * Test methods for thermal performance evaluation of following solar thermal devices have been developed.
    1. • Box Type Solar Cookers
      • Proposed method led to the development of the Indian Standard on Box Type Solar Cookers in 1991 and later its revision in the year 2002.
    2. • Paraboloid Concentrator Solar Cooker
      • Draft procedure submitted to the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources.
    3. • Flat Plate Solar Collectors
      1. Result of round robin testing exercise and other studies were used in revising the Indian Standard on Flat Plate Solar Collectors