R.P. Sharma [Ph.D. (IIT Delhi)]
Email: rpsharma@ces.iitd.ac.in


Dr. R .P. Sharma has his Masters from Meerut University, Meerut and Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi respectively. He is working on ‘Electromagnetic field computations’ both analytically and numerically, nonlinear dynamical systems, self-organization and fractals. Specifically, these studies are carried out with an emphasis on high powered laser and matter interactions for laser induced fusion energy and particle acceleration, plasma-sheath resonance in plasma reactors for plasma processing, electromagnetic hazards (like mobile phone human head interaction), Magneto hydrodynamic systems for MHD power generation, space applications for solar coronal heating, solar wind turbulence and generation of solar energetic particles .The stability of power systems and self-organization is also being studied. He has guided 14 Ph.D. students, published over 120 research papers in the journals of international repute and completed several sponsored projects. He was awarded Alexander von Humboldt fellowship, Max Plank fellowship and European Commission fellowship. Besides these he was also a visiting professor at the University of Alberta Edmonton (Canada), University of Bradford (U.K.) and short term visitor at various reputed research groups.


Dr. R .P. Sharma,
Centre for Energy Studies,
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Email: rpsharma@ces.iitd.ac.in