Activities relating to both theoretical and experimental aspects of plasma physics are undertaken. Theoretical work is undertaken on waves, instabilities in the Ionosphere Magnetosphere and laboratory (fusion) plasmas. Significant work on nonlinear dynamics of plasmas including self organization and chaos to study plasma behaviour at high power particularly in fusion phenomenon has also been carried out.

Industrial applications of plasma are also being developed. A very special facility has been created in the Centre for plasma coatings on the surfaces to achieve the required hardness. Work towards the development of helicon wave plasma sources is also being carried out.

The plasma laboratory at IIT Delhi is a joint activity of CES and Physics Department with thrust on different types of plasma sources of relevance to the plasma processing industry. The current areas of research include large volume plasma production, development of compact ECR plasma sources and rf-driven helicon plasma sources. The group has considerable expertise in different types of plasma diagnostics. Recently, the group has initiated research on nonlinear dynamical characterization of dc and rf plasma sources.