Faculty Members: Prof. T.S. Bhatti, Prof. Ashu Verma

India has ambitious targets of large-scale integration of renewable energy sources and electric vehicle penetration to electric grid. The plan to integrate 175GW of renewables with 100GW of solar installations at rooftop poses various challenges to Indian grid. The growing solar installations at rooftop make it necessary to develop efficient operation and control techniques to analyse and optimize the unbalanced distribution network. The intermittent nature and forecast uncertainties in renewable energy sources and loads must be considered in any analysis and design. The holistic grid/micro developments utilizing the energy management systems incorporating resource, demand side management, cloud/shared storage, effective use of battery/PV inverters, mobile loads in terms of electric vehicles etc. will lead to more certain and robust electrical systems. Many of the villages in India are electrified but have limited availability of the electricity. One of the important focuses of the research is to create rural energy management systems utilizing all the available resources in those villages to provide 24 x 7 electricity without any extra burden on the existing grid. The activities carried out by EPRES group can be classified in to following sub-areas. 1. Distribution System Analysis and Optimization 2. Power System Stability Evaluation 3. Multi Generation Frequency Control 4. System Expansion Planning 5. Smart Grids, Micro Grids, Rural Electrification The group has two laboratories a) Renewable Energy Systems and Simulations b) Wind and Micro Hydro Systems

The group is actively looking forward applications for Faculty Positions, Post Doctorates Fellows and committed Ph.D. Scholars. For more information about this visit IIT Delhi website.