Kaushik Saha [Ph.D. (University of Waterloo, Canada)]


Dr. Kaushik Saha received his PhD in 2014 from Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department at University of Waterloo, Canada. During his PhD Dr. Saha worked on cavitation in diesel injectors, blended diesel-biodiesel droplet evaporation, NOx reduction using Urea-SCR systems. Prior to his doctorate, Dr. Saha finished his M. S. in 2009 at Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Connecticut, where he worked on numerical simulation of material processing using microwave excited plasmas. After his PhD Dr. Saha worked as Postdoctoral Appointee at Energy Systems Division of Argonne National Laboratory, IL, USA. During his postdoc Dr. Saha worked on gasoline direct injection sprays, flash boiling, coupling of internal nozzle flow with spray atomization, diesel engine combustion and cavitation erosion. In December 2017 Dr. Saha joined Bennett University in Greater Noida, India as Assistant Professor. In June 2018 Dr. Saha joined Center for Energy Studies, at IIT Delhi as Assistant Professor.

Research Interests :

• Two-phase flows in automotive and power generation sectors
• Internal combustion engine processes
• NOx after-treatment with Urea-SCR
• Coupling of internal nozzle flow with spray atomization
• Material processing in thermal plasmas

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